Department for Industrial Safety


Department of Industrial Security within NIRD INSEMEX includes two research laboratories, namely laboratory Rescue Hazards and Environmental Laboratory which promote basic and applied research, laboratory tests / experiments and scientific and technological areas ,as :

-           Occupational health and safety risk assessment and forecast of injury and disease,

-           Rescue work in toxic / explosive / flammable

-           Changing parameters bio- psycho- physiological of rescue personnel during specific actions

-           Risk assessment of exposure to noise and vibration ;

-           Studies on the environmental impact of various industrial environments ;

-            Developing measures to prevent or reduce as far as possible any adverse effects on the environment, in particular water , air, soil , fauna, flora and landscape, as well as any risks to human health arising as waste management in extractive industries;

-           Assessment of environmental risks and mitigating their effects on the health of the population exposed to them;

-           Development of technologies for protecting and improving environmental quality, rehabilitation of areas affected by industrial activities and monitoring environmental factors .

The area of concern in the department is located in concept QSHE - QUALITY, SAFETY, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, all merging to form the department. Wide range of concerns allows addressing complex research topics, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, involving braiding constructive knowledge of mining sciences, environmental protection, physics, chemistry, computer science, etc.



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               NB 1809

      Directive 94/9/EC – ATEX

      Directive 89/686/EEC – PPE

      Directive 93/15/EEC -Explosives for civil use

      Directive 2013/29/UE – Pyrotechnic articles



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