Presentation of Product Conformity Assessment Body



For products covered by European directives:

–       Directive 2014/34 / EU “Equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres – ATEX”,

–       Directive 2014/28 / EU “Explosives for civil use”

–       PPE Regulation 2016/425  “Personal Protective Equipment”

–       Directive 2013/29 / EU “on the harmonisation of the Member States laws  related to making pyrotechnic articles available on the market ‘

INSEMEX OEC is constituted within INCD INSEMEX Petroşani as a product certification body and is lead by the head of the body which is also the representative of INCD INSEMEX PETROŞANI.

INSEMEX-OEC is organized and operates as required:

  • SR EN ISO / CEI 17065: 2013 – Conformity assessment. Requirements for bodies that certify products, processes and services
  • Law 608/2001, republished, as amended (Law no 50/2015)

INSEMEX-OEC was established as a well-defined and independent entity in the organizational structure of INCD INSEMEX, based on Decision C.A. Nr. 2 / 21.03.2008. The General Director, PhD. Eng. George Artur Gaman was appointed as CEO on 03.01.2018.

INSEMEX-OEC has the means to carry out the product conformity assessment and certification