INSEMEX – GLI Group of Testing Laboratories is a technical entity of INCD INSEMEX Petrosani for testing in accredited regime, legally responsible for the carried out activity.


With regard to the specific field of activity of INCD INSEMEX Petrosani, an important share of the research-development activity based on the NACE 7120 code (Technical testing and analysis), carried out in accredited regime, through direct contracting, thus responding to stringent requests of traders.

For a unitary, organised and documented presentation of the Quality System in accordance with which the management of the testing activity of INCD ISNEMEX is performed, there has been established the Group of Testing Laboratories comprising technical testing teams from the research laboratories of INCD INSEMEX.

This reorganisation of the testing activity within INCD INSEMEX has been required for a unitary response to the provisions of EN ISO/IEC 17025 and of SR CEN/TS 15675:2009 on the ability for testing.

The quality system within which INSEMEX – GLI is operating has been developed in accordance with the provisions of EN ISO/IEC 17025 and of SR CEN/TS 15675:2009.

INSEMEX – GLI comprises the following laboratories: