Studying the characteristics of explosion protected electrical apparatus with type of protection: flameproof enclosure “d”, increased safety “e”, type of protection “n”, oil immersion “o”, powder filling “q”, is reflected in all activities in the laboratory.

Laboratory team includes a number of 8 people, including 6 people with senior education (Eng., and PH.D. Eng).

The current average age of staff is 42 years.

1)      The research takes place in the fields of:

–          Research regarding the protection and operational safety of equipment with type of protection “d”, “e”, “n”; “o”, şi “q”;

–          Research regarding the ignition risk of explosive atmospheres due to electrical apparatus with type of protection “d”, “e”, “n”; “o”, şi “q”;


2)      Laboratory Tests

a)      tests in explosive mixture, in order to certify the electrical equipment within the regulated field ;

b)      tests in explosive mixture within the voluntary field;

c)      tests to determine the maximum surface temperature of luminaires and devices with maximum power installed of 1kVA;

d)     dielectric strength tests;

e)      tests for resistance to impact;

3)      Service

–    Assessment of equipment for certification according to Directive 94/9/EC (HG 752/2004)

–    Assessment of technical installations on site, according to NEx 01-06

–    Technical expertise (on equipment, on site)

–    Training specialized personnel to work with explosion-protected equipment.

–    Participating in the development and revision standards (CT 137)

–    Participating in the Committee of IECEx.

–    Results dissemination by publishing articles, books, courses, and participation in national and international symposiums.

Senior scientific researcher II Ph.D. Eng Mihai Magyari – Head of Laboratory

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