Studies of electrical equipments explosion protection protected by intrinsic safety “i”, encapsulation “m” and pressurization “p” are activities reflected in all activities done in the laboratory.

Researching activities are conducted in the field of:

–     research on protection and safe operation of equipment with type of protection “i”, “m”, “p” and pressurized rooms;

–    research on the risk of ignition of explosive atmospheres caused by electrical equipment with type of protection “i”, “m”, “p” and rooms pressurisation.


a)      tests in explosive atmospheres in covered field for certification of equipment;

b)      tests in explosive atmospheres for voluntary field;

c)      tests  equipments used for monitoring explosive atmospheres in covered field or voluntary field;

d)     dielectric strength;

e)      mechanical tests for enclosures (impact resistance);

f)       tests for measuring equipment maximum surface temperature.

Conformity equipment assessment with 94/9/EC Directive (HG 752/2004);

–          Conformity in site assesment with NEx 01-06;

–          Technical expertises (for equipments, in situ);

–          Staff trainig in the field of explosion protection equipment.

–          Participation in the development and revision of standards (CT 137)

–          Participation in IECEEx comitee

–          Disemination of results by

–          Dissemination of results through publication in articles, books, courses, participation in national and international symposiums.