ince 2007, Environmental Laboratory is certified by the Ministry of Environment and Water Management for elaboration of environmental impact assessments and environmental audit, carried out by specialists working within the laboratory.

The main purpose of the laboratory is to perform general analysis and quality inspections especially on environmental protection, but also some general services based on technical and scientific support provided by specialists working under it.

The laboratory has a scientific and technical potential to achieve high performance with high scientific nature, provided by qualified personnel, apparatus and equipment.

• Accreditation Certificate no. LI 374/03.10.2013 issued by the Accreditation Association of Romania – RENAR accompanied by Appendices 4 and 5.
• Certificate of registration for NIRD INSEMEX – Petrosani, enrolled as a legal entity in the National Register of environmental studies assessors at position no. 288 for the preparation of environmental impact reports, environmental audits and safety reports issued on 12.10.2010. (1)
• Certificate no. 66/28.11.2012 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for drafting documentation for obtaining approval/authorization of the water management. (2)

• Certificate of recognition no. 10/19.11.2009 issued by the Ministry of Economy, Department of General Industrial Policy and Competitive to perform the following tasks:

– Advising the technical project and technical inspection in operation for petrol storage installations at terminals;
– Advising the technical project and technical inspection in operation for loading and unloading of gasoline and mobile containers at terminals, including the loading on the bottom of auto cisterns  tanks vapor collection and overfill protection for auto cisterns installations at terminals;
– Advising the technical project and technical inspection in operation for loading and storage of gasoline filling stations and terminals at which achieves the intermediate storage of vapors.

  • Certificate of recognition no. 7/19.11.2009 issued by the Ministry of Economy, Department of General Industrial Policy and Competitive for  technical inspection in operation for loading and unloading petrol auto tanks located on the superstructure, including loading equipment at the bottom, vapor collection and overload protection.

– Preparation of studies for new or to be upgraded objectives- studies of environmental impact assessment, documentation for obtaining water management notifications or notices;

– Preparation of environmental documentation for in service objectives- environmental balances 0, I and II levels;

– Studies to obtain authorization for water management;

– Consultancy on environmental problems and legislation, water management, laboratory analysis and all areas related to them;

– Issuance of VOC technical opinions for technological projects at fuel distribution stations and terminals, including facilities, equipment and devices for recovering volatile organic compound emissions and limit their discharge into the atmosphere;

– Issuance of VOC inspection certificate for operational fuel dispensing stations and terminals;

– Performing determinations, measurements and analyzes for various pollutants in the atmosphere;

– Performing measurements of professional noxae at work places.

Documentation of environmental impacts;

  • Develop documentation on Environment Balance level 0, I and II and to balance environmental reports;
  • Drawing up documentation of the safety report, internal emergency plan and external emergency plan objectives where there is likelihood of major accident, according to Order 804/2007 (3).
  • Documentation on developing technical solutions for preventing and combating atmospheric pollutants;
  • Development of technologies and techniques for prediction, prevention, remediation, rehabilitation and ecological restoration of areas affected by anthropogenic factors;
  • Develop documentation for water management;
  • Environmental rehabilitation plans for industrial activity in accordance with current legislation (Water Law, Mining Law, Environmental Protection Law, etc.).
  • Drawing up presentation sheets and declaration required for environmental permit issuance;
  • Studies on the evaluation of the pollution of the environment of economic perimeters.


  • Integrated monitoring of environmental factors
  • Forecast of dispersion of pollutants by using specialized software
  • Examination of the state of pollution to water, air, soil, in order to determine the impact of human activity on the environment (impact studies, environmental balances)
  • Draft Compliance Program, part of the environmental permit;
  • Support projects and documentation at environmental agencies in the work area;
  • Measurement of dust and toxic gas emissions from stationary sources routed;
  • Measurement of total respirable dust, toxic gases in the atmosphere of work places in the industry.
  • Determinations of explosive concentrations of particulate and / or toxic imission measurements of PM10 and PM2, 5 and toxic gases in the environment;
  • Develop technical solutions to prevent and control industrial dust and toxic gases;
  • Technical analysis of operational projects and technical inspection of facilities, equipment and devices used to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions resulting from the storage of petrol and its distribution from terminals and gas stations;
  • Elaboration of environment documentation for acquiring environment authorizations needed for attaining investments, receiving approvals for the functioning of installations/economic units, privatization of economic units;
  • Develop annual quantity calculation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere at fuel distribution stations (link VOC Certificates).
  • Psychological evaluation of personnel’s occupational skills in order to achieve proper career guidance and orientation, according to the characteristics of different activities and to the specific working conditions required by working places.


  • Training / retraining, authorization / reauthorization dust collector labs from mining establishments.
  • Certification of competence of persons responsible for safety and health in underground firedamp / firedamp free mining activities.

PhD eng. Angelica Călămar – Scientific Researcher I – Head of Environmental Protection Laboratory

mobile: 0727200775