Rescue hazards laboratory has a material basis competitive at technical level for laboratory testing and certification of equipment intended for use in hazardous locations in accordance with security requirements recognised by international standards and European directives.

To improve safety and health at work, the laboratory carries out research for the reduction of noise and vibration ,to improve the protection of individual hearing by developing studies, scientific research and technical regulations for specific security areas of concern, namely:

• Studying the effects of noise and vibration on underground workers
• study the possibility of reducing the noise and vibration from machinery used in underground and preparation plants
• soundproofing partially mounted fan ventilation tube column
• solutions to reduce noise and vibration in coal sorting stations
• Establish measures to reduce fan noise at main stations
• reduce noise and vibration from pneumatic loading machines
• determine the level of noise in mining machinery and equipment
• determination of noxes (noise and vibration)
• ways and means of reducing noise from machines and equipment operated by pneumatic energy

The laboratory performs verification of respiratory protective aparatus on compressed air / compressed oxygen, resuscitation equipment checking, checking and loading cylinders with compressed air / oxygen / standard mixture air – methane.

Research activity

– Development of research studies in the domain of rescue at industrial units with potential emissions of toxic and / or explosive gases

– Implementation and upgrading of work security devices.

– Develop research studies to mitigate the specific risk from mining activity.

-Develop technical measures to reduce the influence of risk factors producing occupational diseases.

– Risk assessment for underground and surface jobs