Methodology of job reassessment under special conditions

  • Required documents :

1.  An application request for  special conditions reevaluation

2. Opinion held in 2012 or 2013 for refinancing in special conditions according to GD no.1284 / 2011.

 3. Table concerning the nomination of the workplaces and the persons for whom the employer is required to re-evaluate, together with the existing trade unions and/or the designated worker / internal prevention and protection service, or with the representatives of the workers with specific responsibilities in the field of safety and health at work , with priority being given to workers in the workplaces for which re-evaluation is required, and to the occupational health physician who has supervised the health status of the workers in the targeted workplaces (original, signed).

4. Occupational Health Practitioner reports which monitors the health of workers (reports from 2012 ÷ 2017).

5. Medical examination of the health status of persons nominated in section 3, drawn up by the county public health directorates.

6. Brief description of the jobs for which re-evaluation is requested as well as the activities carried out.

7. Notices for professional pollutants (carried out between the receipt of the opinion and the present) issued by authorised laboratories 2012 ÷ 2017.

8. Listing the measures taken so far for each job with a view to their standardisation and the deadlines for implementation.

9. Risk assessment sheets for professional categories working in nominated workplaces for special conditions in electronic formatting as well.

10. Photocopies of safety data sheets for hazardous and / or toxic substances used (if applicable).

  • It is mentioned that the elaboration of the technical expertise for job reassessment in special conditions will also include visiting the place / places of work, respectively the in site evaluation by the INCD INSEMEX Petroşani staff.


Head of Environmental Protection Laboratory

PhD. Eng. Angelica Călămar – scientific researcher (CS 1)