In order to ensure the safety conditions for the useful minerals substances underground exploitation, strong measures must be applied to avoid the formation of toxic or explosive (coal mine) atmospheres. The identification of specific technical measures for ensuring safety in mining, workers and the deposits protection is achieved through basic and applied research, technological development and transfer. In the laboratory are performed basic and applied research, technology transfer and development in the following areas:

–       security of mineral resources (operating technologies, underground fire fighting technologies, etc);

–       mining ventilation;

–       classification of underground works in terms of gas emissions;

–       preventing and combating emissions and / or gas accumulations;

–       technical expertise for events generated by chemical substances explosions

The laboratory carries out the following activities;

–          Basic and applied research;

–          Laboratory tests/experiments;

–          Technical support;

–          Specialised services;

–          Consultancy;

–          Personnel training;

–         Results dissemination;

–         Technology transfer.

–         Technical expertise

–         Frame exploitation methods approval.


–          Determination of the state parameters of air (temperature, pressure, humidity, velocity).;

–          Determination of depressure/ pressure;

–          Determination of the gaseous components of the atmosphere with sensor gas analyzer (chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfid