In order to ensure the safety conditions for the useful minerals substances underground exploitation, strong measures must be applied to avoid the formation of toxic or explosive (coal mine) atmospheres. The identification of specific technical measures for ensuring safety in mining, workers and the deposits protection is achieved through basic and applied research, technological development and transfer. In the laboratory are performed basic and applied research, technology transfer and development in the following areas:

–       security of mineral resources (operating technologies, underground fire fighting technologies, etc);

–       mining ventilation;

–       classification of underground works in terms of gas emissions;

–       preventing and combating emissions and / or gas accumulations;

–       technical expertise for events generated by chemical substances explosions

The laboratory carries out the following activities;

–          Basic and applied research;

–          Laboratory tests/experiments;

–          Technical support;

–          Specialised services;

–          Consultancy;

–          Personnel training;

–         Results dissemination;

–         Technology transfer.

–         Technical expertise

–         Frame exploitation methods approval.


–          Determination of the state parameters of air (temperature, pressure, humidity, velocity).;

–          Determination of depressure/ pressure;

–          Determination of the gaseous components of the atmosphere with sensor gas analyzer (chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and methane).


–          Determination of self-ignition tendency with hydrogen peroxide method;

–          Determination of self-ignition tendency with oxigen method;

–          Determination of the fire indexes;

–          Depressure determinations;

–          Flow meter determinations;


– Classification and/or verification of mine classifications in terms of gas emissions;

– Determination of coal and bituminous shale auto-ignition tendency, classification of coal beds depending on the susceptibility to auto-ignition;

– Technical assistance for establishing ventilation solutions (maximum efficiency with minimum energetic consumption);

– Preventive treatment of the goaf in problematic areas generated by endogenous fires;

– Modelling, solving and optimization of ventilation networks with the help of IT equipment and advanced software;

– Identification of proper solutions for preventing the occurrence of explosive atmospheres in underground mines for minerals;

– Identification of proper solutions for preventing/fighting against spontaneous combustions in the exploitation of high reactivity minerals;

– Absolute and relative gas flows verification (CH4 or CO2);

– Deposits degasingtechnologies;

– Determination of characteristic curves of main ventilation stations in operation or after major repairs and complete maintenance;

– Establishing mine air quality from mine workings and behind the dams;


Head of Laboratory
Doru Cioclea Phd eng. – Scientific researcher gr. I ; Tel 0727/2007790254/541621 (int 112);0254/541622 (int 112)0727/200770 (int 112);Email:


– Stand for research of coal behavior during auto-ignition phenomenon;
– Stand for determining the tendency to self-ignition;
– Special programs for solving ventilation networks: CANVENT, Vents; VENPRI;
– centralized system for coordination of network installations;
– Equipment for the aerodynamic parameters;
– Equipment for the electrical parameters;
– Equipment for the state parameters;
– Portable equipment for determining gas concentrations;
– Portable equipment for the determination of concentrations of gases at very low concentrations;
– Equipment for the estimation of the pressure / depressure;