The laboratory has an optimal scientific and technical potential for assuring valid results: high performance equipment, high quality reagents, results quality control methods, qualified personnel.

The laboratory activities takes place based to direct economic agents contracts and research partnerships within national and international projects.

–    Basic and applied research and development in the following areas:

Occupational Health and Safety;
Environment protection;
Explosions of Combustible Gases/Vapours/ Dust;
Explosive and/or toxic due to dangerous chemical substances environments;
Civil use explosives.

–     Environmental factors physico-chemical analysis,  solid, liquid and gaseous combustibles, mineral substances, wastes, chemical fertilizer, civil use explosives; dangerous chemical substances;

–     Determination of chemical occupational hazards (gases and vapors) at working places;

–          Simulation/experimentation/modeling of physical and chemical processes;

–          Technical assistance / consultancy in the fields of activity;

–          Training and certification in mining, gas analyses;

–          Technical expertise for accidents in the industrial and civil areas, generated by explosions and / or fire;

–          Expertise of chemicals involved in accidents;

–          Reduced scale simulation of accidents, determining the causes and favoring circumstances;

–          Development of the Romanian version of European ATEX standards;

–          Ex Zoning Projects approval.


–         Toxicological determinations regarding the working environment;

–         Determination of the chemical oxygen demand;

–         Analysis of quality and soil fertility;

–         Determination of permeability to gases of rubberized materials;

–         Determination of burning behavior of vertical test specimens in contact with an ignition source in the form of low flame;

–         Determination of the permeation of protective clothing against chemical agents action;

–         Determination of the limiting oxygen concentration, maximum explosion pressure and rate of pressure rise for combustible gases.


–         The forming conditions research for potentially explosive atmospheres and their characterization for traders that processes, manipulates, transports and stores flammable / combustible substance;

–         Risk assessment of hazardous chemical substances;

–         Explosion Risk Assessment for traders that operates in hazardous explosive atmospheres;

–         Ex Zoning Projects development.

–         Developing Explosion Protection Document for traders.



Test type

Material / product

Determination of suspended matter, residues calcinations losses and ashes Surface waters, Underground water, waste water
Mineral substances
Determination of dry matter and water content